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Brief Update 7/9/2020

We are still waiting for County & EDHCSD approval for fields to open so we can get our players on the field.

***Note per EDH CSD:

We are hopeful that our sports programs and leagues will make a return with new and updated safety rules and protocols soon. However, at this time, it is difficult for us to forecast when that might be. Contact sports leagues and competing in athletic games are still not permitted in the current reopening phase that El Dorado County has been designated. The El Dorado Hills Community Services District Staff are in close contact with the El Dorado County Officials to stay updated with any new information.

EDH CSD is not renting out fields for organized play at this time. If you’re playing with members of your family, you can use the field if it’s not in use.


5-19-2020 Update

Hello EDHLL Families,

We hope this email finds you safe and healthy. The past few weeks have been busy for our board discussing options, gathering information and going through our finances.  While the State of California is in Phase 2 of reopening, we are not quite ready to play ball.  We need to be in Phase 3 to get the approval for gatherings to get on the field from the State of California, El Dorado County and El Dorado Hills Community Services District. We are trying to prepare for what’s to come and to save our spring season.  We would also like to have your input and see what our families want.

We will be holding our Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 19th to discuss dates and details pertaining to state guidelines and possible restrictions. We would like to have the information gathered from our survey to help us better answer questions during our meeting.

Attached is a Google Survey that we are asking you to complete within 48 hours for EACH PLAYER.  If you have multiple players registered, we need one survey per player to be completed.  This will help us see what preferences you have for a refund, donating and if you are willing to have your player play a modified season going into the summer.

 After our meeting next week, we will send out more information to our families.  We know it can be frustrating not having answers right now, but we are trying our best to have solutions for the players and do what’s best for our community.  There are a lot of moving parts and we are dependent on our health officials, state, county, Little League International, District 54 and CSD guidelines. Please keep working on your baseball skills.  We look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

El Dorado Hills Little League Board of Directors

2020 Refund/Budget FAQ

Dear Little League Families,
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all work together to make the best of a very difficult situation.  In response to inquiries regarding our expenses to date, please see the list of Frequently Asked Questions and our responses below. 

 ● SHARED EXPENSES VS. ANTICIPATED EXPENSES ​- Please note that Shared Expenses have already been paid. This is the number that was used to determine the refund amount. It is very important to note that Anticipated Expenses were not included in the refund totals and were only given to provide clarity and transparency. If we are unable to play this season, the refund totals will not be affected. If we are able to play, the League will incur the expense of all anticipated costs.

● CREDIT CARD FEES $5,379.69​ - These are the fees that we pay to process credit card transactions. Blue Sombrero / Sports Connect (Registration): $5267.80  Square: $111.89.

● EQUIPMENT $16,942.78​ - Equipment purchased this season:

  •  Baseballs:$11,851.79 (50+ Teams, practice & games balls)
  • Catcher’s Gear $1010.51
  • Pop-Up Tents $600.40
  • New Mound at CSD-East $3213.00
  • General Training Equipment $267.08

● FIELDS $18,813.23​ - These are payments that were made for costs incurred during the first few months of the season. (Assessments in January, Practices in February & March, Games in March)

  • CSD Field Use January-March: $10,374.37
  • CSD Field Prep: $4812.00
  • CSD Lights March: $408.00
  • Ewing Irrigation, Chalk Fields: $767.73
  • Area Sanitation: $2451.13

● SAFETY $544.94 ​- These are payments that were made for costs incurred during the first few months of the season.

  • First Aid Kits: $226.50
  • Background Checks: $235.60
  • Additional Rule Books: $82.84

● CHOCOLATE SALES FUNDRAISER ​- The League received $35,980.00 through the chocolate fundraiser. The cost of the chocolate was $17,584.42, leaving a fundraising profit of $18,395.58. Those funds had been designated for the safety enhancements to the hillside at Jeff Mitchell Field, which was $20,000.  The safety improvements to our JMF hillside are under construction.  We will post finishing pictures soon or you can drive by to see the imrpovements.  We are so excited!

Thank you again for your support. Please reach out with additional questions: or

EDHLL 2021 Board!

President: Nate DeMarce

Vice President:  Cory Hoffman

VP of Admin./Info:  Tracy Finato

Secretary:  Joe Cunningham

Treasurer:  Alexis Lockwood

Registrar:  Wes Washburn

Player Agent:  Larry Oreskes

Safety Coordinator:  Sarah Preiss-Farzanegan

Scheduling Coordinator:  Jon Rodenspiel

Fields Coordinator:  Brent McGhee

Adult Umpire in Chief:  Dan Vetter

Umpire in Chief: OPEN

Equipment Coordinator:  Cesar Montes de Oca

Volunteer Coordinator:  Wendy Fredericks

Concessions:  Jennifer Donati

Uniforms:  Ryan McCracken

Events:  Desiree Rojo

Sponsorship: Ricky Mehta

Fundraising: OPEN

Spiritwear: OPEN

We would like to thank all of our outgoing Board Members who have put in a lot of years to make our organization as great as it is today.  We wish you well and hope to see you on the field. Thank you Jon Rodenspiel, Wes Clanton, Candace Andujar, Mike Sullivan, Jared Ivey, Heather Clanton,  Bre Ivey, Peter Getz, Dustin Klass and Merrissa Bentley

We are looking for People to join our Board for 2021

We have positions we need to fill for our 2021 EDHLL Board.  If you or someone you know would be interested, please contact Tracy Finato at: 

Our league runs on volunteers! It doesn't take too much to make our league better.  Want some input on how things are done?  Think things can use some change?  Now is the time to step up.  Without volunteers we won't have a season.  It takes a village....

* Someone is interested in the position and needs to be vetted.

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11's District, Section and State Champions!

2019 District Champions - 11's Division

2019 Section Champions - 11's Division

2019 State Champions! 11's Division

10's District 54 Champions

2019 District Champions - 10's Division

Volunteer Link

Each family has committed one (1) event shift and two (2) concessions (three (3) concessions if you have more that one player signed up) for the season. Any questions, please contact us at:

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El Dorado Hills Little League

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2018 LL New Bat Standards

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Thank you to our 2020 Sponsors

We encourage you visit our local businesses in support of El Dorado Hills Little League. We are now accepting sponsorship for our 2020 season. Interested in sponsoring EDHLL? Please contact for additional information.