What District is El Dorado Hills Little League (EDHLL) in?

El Dorado Hills Little League is in District 54. District 54 is the proud home to the following 12 Little League Baseball Programs: Cosumnes River, Divide, El Dorado Hills, Folsom American, Folsom National, Hangtown (Gold Rush), Lakeside, Maidu, Ponderosa, Roseville West, Snowline, and Woodcreek.  All leagues are nestled in and around the foothills of Northern California.

How old does my child have to be to play in El Dorado Hills Little League?

We offer programs for children league age 5 thru league age 14.

What is League Age?

League age is determined according to Little League International age chart.  The age chart determines the player age for the season.

How do I determine what League Age my child is?

Little League International updates their league age chart on an annual basis.  https://www.littleleague.org/downloads/2022-baseball-age-chart/

League age can also be looked up using the League Age Calculator on the Little League International website.

When does registration for Spring open?

Spring registration is open on an annual basis and can start as early as October.

When does registration close?

Registration is open thru assessments.  After assessments players will be added to a wait-list.

Can I play for EDHLL if I do not live in El Dorado Hills? 

Yes, only if they attend school within El Dorado Hills Little League Boundary.  In 2014 Little League International changed eligibility rule.  If a child attends school within the boundaries of the local league they can play for that league.  

I'd like my kid to play up a division, does this guarantee he will play up? 

No. All play up/down requests will be considered/approved by the board. We can not guarantee that all requests will be granted. In the A division, a select number of higher skilled kids will be approved to help complete a roster. In the upper divisions, a player that attended the assessments for that division and is drafted
in the top 5 rounds of the player draft will be approved to play up. If they are not selected in that draft they will be returned to their league age division draft. 

What division should my child be in?

League Age









AA drafted on ability


AAA drafted on ability




AAA or Majors drafted on ability


Majors or 50/70


50/70 or Juniors




Contact EDHLL


Contact EDHLL


Contact EDHLL


Can my child play up a division?

Players League 6 (if they have played one year of TBall) thru league age 10 can assess to play up a division.  All players must attend assessments and be evaluated, a limited number of players may be placed in a higher division.

Parents must complete the form prior to assessments to be considered.  

Can my child play down a division?

Yes league age 7 thru 11 may request to play down.  Parents must complete form prior to highest division draft.

When are teams announced? 

All teams will be announced by March 1.

When is the season played? 
The leagues regular season runs from March through end of May. In some upper divisions practices will begin in early February. The younger divisions will begin practices around March 1, with games running from Mid March through end of May.

How many games and when are games played? 
Most teams will play a game during the week and a game on Saturday. We don’t typically schedule games on Sundays during the spring, but we can use that day to help with a scheduling conflict or in the event of a rain make up. The number of games depends on the number of teams within a division, but we try to schedule around 14 games.

When will I know what team my child will be on? 

T-Ball and A teams will be formed and announced by the league following the completion of the older divisions player drafts. AA and above teams will be formed via a player draft. As each draft occurs, teams will be announced.

Can I request my child to play with friend(s)?

Yes, TBall and A division requests can be made to play with friends. The request should be done at the time of registration.  Requests are not available for AA divisions and above as players are drafted to teams by the managers of those teams. We cannot guarantee your request, but will try to accommodate as many as we can.

Can I request my child play for a certain manager?

Yes, TBall and A division requests can be made to play for a particular manager.  The request should be done at the time of registration.  Requests are not available for AA divisions and above as players are drafted to teams.

When do practices begin?

Practices will start post draft / team formations and as fields open by division.  Some fields open in February while others open March 1.

Do I have to attend forms processing?

We are not doing a forms processing night. All forms will be uploaded into the registration portal.

I registered my child, now what?

Watch your email and check the website periodically for updates.  Next up will be assessments for those in divisions AA and up, then a welcome email from coach.

Does my child have to attend assessments?

Yes if your child is league age 7 and over or if your child is league 6, has played one year of TBall and wants to be assessed for AA. All AA, AA and Majors must be assessed. Single A and T-ball are not assessed.

What do I need for assessments?

Players should come dressed in baseball attire and bring their own baseball glove and helmet.  Bats will be available for use.  Players are welcome to bring their own if they choose.

Do I have to volunteer?

El Dorado Hills Little League is made possible solely due to people volunteering.  Everyone is required to volunteer unless they pay the opt out fee.  One event shift and two concessions shifts for the season.  If you have two or more children playing, then you will add an additional concessions shift. 

How can I manage or coach a team?

All interested people must complete the manager or coach application form.  All applicants must pass background check.   Additional information will be forwarded by Vice President of Operations.

Does EDHLL provide financial assistance to families that cannot afford registration?

El Dorado Hills Little League is willing to help any family in financial need.  No child will be denied entry to our league due to financial hardship.  Please send an email to our league President, Brent McGhee (edhllpresident@gmail.com), and he will contact you to arrange financial assistance. 

Do all 12 year old's play in the Majors Division?

Yes.  ALL 12 year old's will be drafted to a Majors team, unless player is requesting to be placed on 50/70 team. 

How are the number of teams per division determined?

The maximum number of teams are determined by the amount of players of a certain age available to play, along with the availability of fields.  The exception is with the Majors Division, National Little League rules dictate the maximum number of Majors division teams at 10.

How do evaluations and the draft work?

Players, grouped by age, are evaluated for each division.  A pool of players per division is created.  Players are selected by managers during an open draft for each division. 

How does the "brother rule" work?

In divisions AA through Juniors players are drafted by managers. A manager has the option of drafting brothers to their team, however it is not required if brothers are not of the same league age.

If players are not the same league age, parent must request for younger child to play up. Request doesn’t guarantee they will be placed on same team.  

How do playoffs work once the "regular season" is complete?

Playoffs occur for the AA – Majors divisions.  AA and AAA play a single elimination bracket. There is no advancement from this tournament. The first seed team in Majors and 50/70  automatically advance to the District Tournament of Champions.  All other teams in these divisions make it to the playoffs and are entered into a single elimination bracket. The winner of the playoffs in Majors will also advance to TOC. In the event that the same team wins, the other team in the playoff finals will advance.

What post season opportunities are available for players at the various age groups?

Two teams in the Majors division and one 50/70 team will advance to the Tournament of Champions.  The first place team in Majors and 50/70 automatically advance.  The winner of the divisional playoffs will be the second team to advance for the Majors Division to the Tournament of Champions.  In the event that the winner of the playoffs is the same as the league champ, the playoff loser will advance to TOC.

All Star teams exist for players league age 9 thru 14 years old.